“stop hyping covid-19, everyday Corona and so what!”- Kyiri abosom fires health officials



Figures on the number of confirmed cases of coronavirus presented by health experts have been described as false.

“ It is a calculated attempt by health officials to secure their jobs and drive more allowances from government”- Rev Christian Kwabena Andrews, founder and leader for Light Assembly Worship Centre disclosed on Fire TV last night 8th May 2020.

The cleric cum politician averred that health workers are lying to citizens with the total number of test cases and by so doing are creating the false impression that Ghana is one of the hardest hit countries on the African continent.


He hit the nail right on the head that all claims made by Ghanaian medics that a person can be a carrier of the virus for months without showing symptoms of the infection are all false, referencing that those who fell victim to the disease in other foreign countries manifested the symptoms few days after the virus entered their system.

“We believe the disease exists but our doctors’ presentation of the situation in Ghana neither here nor there”, he said on Fire TV.

According the reverend minister who is otherwise known as “Osofo Kyiri abosom”, health officials have deliberately ballooned Ghana’s version of the pandemic so much that their interest and attention are now shifted on covid-19 more than the other killer diseases such as CSM, Buruli Ulcer,high blood pressure diabetes among others which are even claiming more lives in Ghana much more than corona.

“…Doctors have put fear in people and have pampered covid-19 more than God. Since the pandemic took a stage in the country, they have switched their attention to it. Everyday Corona, everyday Corona and so what!….”
Osofo Kyiri abosom after recalling the number of people who died in an accident on the kintampo road few months ago and of CSM in the northern part of the country, he challenged that it will be of much prudence for citizens and medics to fear accident and CSM even more than coronavirus which has only killed few people in the country.

“let’s not sit down and allow some people to beat us with their intelligence…we are not kids in this country” he stated on his popular television program.

“Health officials are painting Ghana black. They are just deceiving us with test cases”, he added.

“CSM is killing so many people in the north and we are not afraid. People have asthma, diabetes, pressure and doctors in Ghana will not bother to investigate and come out with locally made medicines that can treat them instead of always prescribing imported drugs.

“Don’t say I am not a health expert and therefore don’t know much about health issues. What do you mean? I am a spiritual man. I have an eye and an ear to hear. I see. A spiritual man is higher than a doctor. God speaks to him directly… let’s sit down and reason well as a nation”.

By Enock Akonnor

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