Stop saying “good night”. It’s Wrong. Say this instead



Majority of people think that English is hard but that is not true because they just don’t  know when and how to use the right words.

Premised on the above reason, I want to school you on how and when to use the right words when speaking English.

English Language is very simple but you need to think very well before uttering any word.

Below are some corrections to common mistakes people make when speaking English.

1. Incorrect: My father will be home today afternoon.


Correct: My father will be home this afternoon.

2. Incorrect: Thanks for giving me useful advices.

Correct: Thanks for giving me useful advice.

3. Incorrect: We will get down at the next bus stop.

Correct: We will get off at the next bus stop.

4. Incorrect: Tell me why did you do that.

Correct: Tell me why you did that.

5. Incorrect: She did a request for some water.

Correct: She made a request for some water.

Now, let’s go back to the main gist.

I once came across two friends who were about parting ways with each other in the afternoon and I heard one of them say “goodnight” to the other.

I was quite shocked and embarassed because it still broad daylight and not even night so, why will she say that?

In conclusion, I will like to advise you to always use the word “Goodnight” only at night and not in the Morning or Afternoon.

You can also say sleep well or have a good night rest instead of saying goodnight.

Source; Opera News

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