Stop eating garlic if you have any of these medical conditions



If you happen to be a lover of garlic and you are attracted to any food that is prepared with garlic, then this good information is for you.

Garlic is one of the most common ingredients in Nigeria including other countries and it is consumed in the world for more than thousand of years now.

It is not only used for cooking. Despite the claim of garlic nutritional value it is relevant we know that garlic shouldn not be eaten if someone has a high risk of some medical conditions.

If you have the following medical condition please better stay away from taking in garlic.

1) Vaginal Infection


Any lady or woman who has a vaginal infection or a carrier should avoid eating garlic.

This is due to the fact that garlic can aggravate vaginal infection by causing the yeast to infect and irritate the tender tissues of the vagina.

2) Vomiting And Heartburn

It’s been discovered from research that consuming garlic in excess can lead to heartburn and vomiting. Raw garlic bulbs in excess amounts may lead to vomiting and heartburn. Hence people with a heart condition should be mindful of the way they consume garlic or foods that contains garlic.

3. Low blood pressure:

Garlic can lower blood pressure. Taking garlic might make blood pressure become too low in people with low blood pressure. However it might be good with people who have a high blood pressure by bringing it low but not for people with low blood pressure.

4. Digestive Problems
Garlic can irritate the gastrointestinal (GI) tract. People who have stomach or digestive problems should avoid eating raw garlic and also add little or no garlic in the food they are preparing.

Please share this information quickly and save somebody.

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