Stop eating fried plantain if you have any of these conditions

Are you aware that the reason for the 90 percent rise in death rate today is because of what people eat.

The way people eat nowadays is very serious.

The way some individuals drink and eat unhealthy meals sometimes make doctors wonder if they have two lives.

People die on daily basis, people get sick on daily basis and the foregoing are the major reasons why advice on health is the major thing we need.

As a health conscious person, you must be accustomed to the fact that it is not everything that must be consumed.

Fried Plantain is one of the most enjoyed delicacies in Nigeria.

Before we go into the details, we should clearly understand that this article is not trying to portray Fried Plantain or Plantain as a bad food.

Plantain contains a lot of vitamins and minerals. It is very nutritious and healthy to the body. When it is unripe. It contains a high amount of iodine, which makes it ideal for people suffering from Goitre.

Fried ones are also tasty and nutritious but when you go deep into this article you will discover why it is harmful for certain category of people.

Please if you have any of the below listed medical conditions, stop eating fried Plantain quickly.

1. Stomach Ulcer

When ripe Plantain is fried it becomes bad for people who have stomach ulcer.

Due to its nature and the larger amount of oil it contains when fried, it makes it unhealthy for Ulcer patients.

Fried Plantain irritates the stomach, it has high tendency of increasing the stomach’s acidity, makes the stomach lining to soften which eventually leads to bleeding of the wound.

It is safe and medically recommended for Ulcer patient to stay away from eating fried Plantain. It is better if the Plantain is either cooked, boiled or roasted. Fried one is a no go area for them.

2. High cholesterol levels

Bad/high cholesterol levels is usually associated with obese individuals, but in other cases any human being can develop it.

When the cholesterol becomes too much in the body, the amount of deposited fats become too much too. When that happens, the blood vessels might begin to find it hard for blood to pass through easily. It might lead to hypertension, cardiac arrest, heart attack and other heart issues. Intake of Plantain increases the oil content in the body because of its high oil content. When that happens, the cholesterol level of the body increases too and that will create a whole lot of problem.

3. Obesity

Obesity is one of the health condition that is still prevalent in our society. It is caused by abnormal human weight which is as a result of high fatty content of the body. Just like in the case of high cholesterol, intake of Fried Plantain is very harmful to an obese person. The more the oil content of the body is increased, the more the person becomes obese. An Obese person is not an healthy person.

They are usually susceptible to heart problems and diabetes. Please if you know that you are obese, kindly Stay away from anything that is fried, fried Plantain inclusive.

Do you see the 3 health conditions listed above, if you have any of them, please kindly Stay away from eating fried Plantain.

You don’t need to be taught a lesson before you stop. A lot of people die because of lack of information. So today you have been educated on it, kindly put it into practice. Anytime you want to eat Plantain, make sure you either go by cooking, boiling or roasting.

These are the three ways you can enjoy your Plantain without violating any health warning.

Thanks for your audience.

Source; Opera news

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