Stop eating corn if you have this illness, it will make it worse

Stop eating corn if you have this illness, it will make it worse

Maize which is also known as corn is a cereal.

It is one of the staple foods in Ghana and loved by many.

Maize can be eaten roasted or boiled depending on the choice of the consumer.

Despite it’s nutritional value, there are some medical conditions that doed not permit certain individuals to eat.

Provided below are some of the medical conditions;

1. Diabetes
Diabetic patients should not eat corn because it can cause a spike in their blood sugar level.

This is because of the high carbohydrate content found in corn.

2. Dental Problems

People with dental problems should not be eating corn. This is because of the amount of sugar present within it. It can cause tooth decay.

3. Obesity

People who are obese shouldn’t be eating corn. Excess consumption of corn can surely lead to weight gain. Also people on a diet should avoid it’s consumption.

4. Fatigue
If you are suffering from fatigue or been lethargic, then corn is not the right food for you.

Corn contains an ample amount of starch, which can cause drowsiness or lethargy in the human body.

Source; Opera news

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