Stop disgracing yourself in public. It’s not ‘Go-slow’. Check the right word



The English language is the general language spoken in every part of the world.

Expressing yourself in English comes with discipline because it is not constant.

A high number of English words are prone to be changed as time passes on.

There are some common English terms that are spoken in Africa especially Nigeria which is not the right words. It is advisable to always check your dictionary to be able to learn new words.

Majority of people usually say words that are not correct and this is not a good practice because of being disgraced in a place filled with literate people.


Looking into this, I will educate you on some words which are widely spoken incorrectly in the country.

1. Packer

The word ‘Packer’ is used to refer to a plastic tool used for packing dirt swept from a house. This is a wrong word and there is no such word in the dictionary used for carrying house waste.

The right word for the house tools is ‘Dustpan’.

For instance.

Please can you give me the packer – wrong

Prince give me the dustpan at the back of your leg – Correct.

2. Okro
The word ‘Okro’ is a crop that has a green color and is used for cooking soup. This is the wrong word because there is no such word In the dictionary.

The right word for the crop is ‘Okra’

For instance
Please give me the Okro – wrong
I need that Okra for cooking the soup – Correct

3. Go-Slow
This word is mostly used in the country, it is used to refer to a situation where there is too much traffic on the road caused by too many cars.

Most people do say ‘Go-Slow’ but this word is incorrect. The right word for too much traffic on the road is Slowed Down.

For instance.
There is Go-Slow on the Road – Wrong.

There is slowed down on the road – Correct

4. Barbing Saloon.
The word ‘Barbing saloon refers to a place where boys change their hairstyles. The word ‘barbing saloon’ is incorrect because barb seems to be a particular type of wire.

The correct word is ‘Hair Saloon’

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