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Stop charging your phone in the night. See why



Mobile phone is our artificial friends as usual. We take it along to school,office,work places and several other place.

Mp3 players,Games feature and other devices found in phones helps enlighten our mood when we’re down spirited.

We are able to reach our friends in other parts of the world by simply dialing their phone numbers.

Business has been made very easy with mobile phones around.

However, aside all these benefits, phones have their bad side.


We use phones daily without knowing the negative implications it has on our system.

Almost 80 percent of phone users have this habit. They use their phones all day and charge it at night. That’s when they’re sleeping.

This habit is affecting them negatively. See Why.

1. Charging your phone at night while sleeping by it exposes you to radiations that can be detrimental to your health.

2. Sleeping by your phone while charging it reduces male sperm quality and enhances sterility.

3.sleeping by your phone while charging it cause uncertainties such as night.

Source; opera news

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