Stop Calling It “Thermometer Gun”, It Is Wrong. Here Is The Right Name

Coronavirus since hitting the world very badly has as a matter of reality introduced a litany of life experiences which we were not used to.

We have become much privy to names of many clinical or hospital tools.

Some of them include nose masks, hand sanitizers, thermometers and many more.

Now In this article, we will be diving very deep into the type of thermometer that has become very common across the world since this Corona pandemic.

As usual, it is pointed at the forehead to check the temperature of people.

It is popularly referred to as “thermometer gun” because it is shaped like a gun and always pointed at the forehead.

Please be informed that the name “Thermometer gun” is not so wrong because one can take it as a descriptive name given to the thermometer because of the fact that its shape is like a gun and has that button like a trigger beneath the head of a gun.

This type of thermometer does not need a touch or feel of an object before it can measure its temperature. Rather it infers temperature from a portion of the thermal radiation sometimes referred to as black-body radiation emitted by the object being measured.

Because of that, the clinical name given to this thermometer is “Infrared Thermometer”.

So please my dear reader, from now on I think we have learnt the real name of this clinical tool and we will stick to it instead of calling it “thermometer gun” which can actually scare someone off from being checked because of the term “gun” in it.

I hope this article has been very helpful. Many thanks for reading.

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