Stop calling it “Pure water”. It is incorrect

We need to understand English language very well so as to avoid embarrassment while in public.

The way we talk to others is very important as it tells the other person a lot more about you.

Therefore, try as much as you can to upgrade your speaking skills and don’t find it hard to learn new things.

Before I begin, I’ll like to share some common errors we make while communicating that we don’t know.

1. I was send by the manager to come and pick up the file – incorrect.

I was sent by the manager to come and pick up the file – correct.

2. How was your day? – incorrect

How has your day been? – correct.

3. Raise up your hands – incorrect.

Raise your hands – correct.

4. I like my mum – incorrect.

I love my mum – correct.

5. The rain is falling – incorrect.

It is raining – correct.

It is wrong to say “pure water”, instead you should say “sachet water”.

There is nothing like pure water, even in the dictionary. Don’t embarrass yourself out there, people seems to be more interested in English language these days so don’t flop. At your leisure time, try to check the net for new words.

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