Stop calling it “pocket money”. Say this instead

English as we are already aware was never part of us until we were colonized by the British government.

Even at that, it is still very rare to see people speak English fluently as many people did not have the acess to proper education or due to tradition and beliefs like denying a female child acess to education.

As we have it, civilization has played a lot of significant role in making education accessible.

Today, we will be looking at some common mistakes we make either by speaking or writing English.

You will agree with me that no one is perfect in anything, but at least we should try to avoid some grammatical blunders.

A portion of the English we speak ordinary are erroneous yet the vast majority of us speak without noticing some of the errors we make.

The following are some regular mistakes we make in English language.

Mistaken English

It would be ideal if you off the light

Right English

It would be ideal if you switch of the lights

Mistaken English

The Man is trickish


The man is precarious

Mistaken English

When are they coming


At the point when will they come

Inaccurate English

NEPA has Brought the light


NEPA has reestablished the light

Inaccurate English

I want to barb my hair

Correct English

I want to have a hair cut

Inaccurate English

Never you say Barbing Salon

The right word is Barber Shop

He is Matured (not correct)

He is Mature (correct)

He has Matured (is also correct)

Do not say you are taking it personal

Instead say You are taking it personally

Stop saying Pocket Money

Instead you can call it petty cash


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