Stop Calling It “Pant”, It Is Wrong. See The Correct Name

On many occasions, we pronounce an english word with much confidence not knowing it is incorrect.

It is not because we are unwilling to learn or not intelligent, but it is simply because we have gotten used to hearing everyone around us pronounce it the same way.

This is the reason why it is more advicable to cultivate a good reading habit, irrespective of your age and academic excellence.

Dear reader, please have you realised that most people call this female underwear a “Pant”?

Well, they are very wrong.

The right name for it is ” Panty”. It id plural form is “panties”.

Please be informed that a female pant is differrnt from “female panties”.

When we talk of female pants, they are the usual trousers you see laides wear while going out.

Please If you doubt what I am saying, quickly go to google and type the words ” female pant” to see for yourself; and afterwards search for the word “Panty” to confirm.

Hello my dear Guys, it is relevant you know this in case you have planned on buying your girl friend such kind of gift.

Do you know it would be a great embarassment to buy her a panty where as she was expecting a “Pant”.

It is obvious that she might feel disappointed too.

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