Stop Calling It “Gari”, It’s Wrong. Here Is The Correct Name

This popular delicacy called “Gari” is one of the favourite dishes in Nigeria.

It’s produced from cassava and can be consumed alongside various types of soups such as melon, okra, vegetables among others.

The name “Garri” is derived from one of Nigeria’s local dialect .

One time I came across it in a supermarket.

On many occasions, I buy it from the market.

One day I went to the supermarket to buy two cups of it.

Upon arrival, I told the shopkeeper to bring me 2 cups of “Garri”.

The attendant got up, gazed at me and started laughing including the youth who were then around.

She laughed at me and I was so much surprised by her laughter.

To avoid further embarrassment, I pointed out at the item.

Right after shopping I went home to do some research.

In my research, I discovered that they were laughing because i mentioned the wrong name.

The correct name for “Garri” is “Cassava Granule”.

Since that discovery, I advised myself never to call it “Garri” again.

Thank you very much for reading this article.

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