Stop Calling It “Earpiece”, It Is Wrong. Say This Instead



On many occasions, we hear people saying “Earpiece” and majority of them think they are right.

Verily, verily I say unto you that that word or name is wrong. is ready to equip you today with this knowledge and after reading this article, you will stop calling it “Earpiece”.

We are all aware that we learn everyday and no knowledge acquired is a waste.

There are a litany of grammatical mistakes we make on daily basis which we think are right but grammatically, they are total blunders.


The reason for these errors is because of what is called malapropism which is the usage of an incorrect word in place of the correct word.

Now here are some of the mostly said incorrect words; “Office Pin” which is actually “Affix Pin”, “Fucknizer” which is “Vulcanizer”, Pure Water which is actually called “Sachet Water” among others.

Let me get straight to the point vis-à-vis the subjects of this article.

The right word is “Earphone”.

Per definition, an “Earphone” is a device or we connect to our mobile phones, laptops, iPad and other electronic gadget in order to aid our hearing.

They help us to hear whatever we are watching or listening to much better and even louder.

It is therefore highly unprofessional to call it “Earpiece”, the correct word is “Earphone”.

Thank you very much for reading this article.

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