Stop buying bottled water. Here are the reasons



In Ghana many people associate bottled water with the rich and the affluent. As a matter of fact people who have travelled outside the country come back and are seen carrying bottled water because it is believed that they can’t tolerate the local water in Ghana anymore.

However recently, sachet water is in abundance unlike at first and even with that there are categories depicting their price.

Way back Ghanaians bought what was referred to as “panyin de panyin” which was simply water tied in rubbers by the sellers.

It was stopped because the conditions under which the water was tired and handled was questionable.

Even before that water was put in coverable bowls with cups on the cover. When one buys the water, it was poured into a cup for the consumer who uses he cup there and then.


Take note that the cups were not disposable. Everyone drank from them.

Ghanaians have come a long way but now we feel the most hygienic water is the bottled water found in shop stalls.

I personally believe its the same water that is in the sachet that has been repackaged. How come the water companies have bottled and sachet ones? What extra thing did they put in the bottled one?

In fact it is true that water is life and we must go for the optimum best but I believe that water should not be that expensive.

Relatively bottled water is far more expensive that the sachet one it costs about 80 percent more.

Should we spend so much on water which is given to us freely by nature. In my opinion the answer is a big no. Water is free and we should pay little for it.

Readers may tell me that perhaps I can’t afford bottled water that’s why I’m writing this but that is not the fact.

The truth of the matter is that we need to use money acquired for helping the needy and vulnerable in life.

We need to live life normally and avoid extravagance which is useless since in most cases it is done only to impress humans.

What are your opinions on this.

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