Stop buying air fresheners…see how to use orange peels to make your home smell better



A good home smell is something everyone accepts at all cost.

No individual would want his home smelling like an old worn piece of cloth or a garbage. This is the reason homes are cleaned frequently and a further approach to this is the use of air freshener.

They are mostly used by spraying or diffusion as in the case of solid ones. Inorganic air fresheners approved by the Health agencies are usually healthy but otherwise, can be toxic.

Here is a way to embellish the odour of your room naturally, without having to spend and with no fears of any side effects.

This is done usually by the use of citrus peels. Orange shall be more of concentration in this context but lemon and lime can also serve.


The procedure is easy, when you get your orange_ peel off the back and afterwards boil it.

The vaporization that occurs during this shall make your room scent like orange.

I urge you to try it, it is quite cheaper and safer.

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Source; opera news

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