Stop asking “have you eaten?”. It’s a bad English



On many occasions we make use of wrong English words everyday, thinking we are making sense out of it but, if we bring out a little time and do a detailed research, you will realise that the English we speak is not 100 Percent correct.

Below are some of the English we speak everyday, without us knowing it’s wrong and with their corrections.

21 wrong English and their corrections. They will help you.

1) Wrong: Have you eaten.

Correct: Have you had lunch, breakfast, or dinner.


2) Wrong: I saw your miss call.

Right: I miss your call.

3) Wrong: Where can i Barb my hair

Right: Where can i cut my hair

4) Wrong: Emma and mercy have Rounded up their test

Right; Emma and mercy have Rounded off their test

5) Wrong: It was more hot before.

Right: It was hotter before.

6) Wrong: Who do you see at the party

Right Whom do you see at the party

7) Wrong: I like my mother so much

Right: I love my mother so much

8) Wrong: She glanced at the table

Right: She glanced over the table

9) Wrong: Her story was sweet

Right: Her story was interesting

10) Wrong: There is no guarantee of his honesty

Right: There is no guarantee for his honesty.

11) Wrong: me and my friend have visited Niagara Falls last weekend.

Right: I And my friend visited Niagara Falls last weekend.

12) Wrong: The young man which works here is from Japan.

Right; The young man who works here is from Japan.

13) Wrong: he is happily married with a dentist.

Right: he is happily married to a dentist.

14) Wrong: Mercy was boring in the class.

Right: Mercy was bored in the class.

15) Wrong: Fatima must to call him immediately.

Right: Fatima must call him immediately.

16) Wrong: SS1A students like the teacher.

Right: SS1A student likes the teacher.

17) Wrong: Although it was raining, but we had the picnic.

Right; Although it was raining, we had the picnic.

18) Wrong: Everybody enjoyed from the movie.

Right: Everybody enjoyed the movie.

19) Wrong; I And My Family look forward to meet you.

Right: I And My Family look forward to meeting you.

20) Wrong; Ade like very much ice cream.

Right: Ade like ice cream very much.

21) Wrong: Akon can to drive.

Right: Akon can drive.

22) Wrong: Where Musa can find a bank?

Right: Where can Musa find a bank?

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