Still Opening Bottles With Your Teeth? See What Happens To Your Body



One dentist at the Sunyani Regional Hospital has sent an advise to the general public to desist from opening bottle lids with their teeth to avoid getting fractures and other unpleasant dental conditions in their teeth.

Per the statement of Dr Nana Yaa Dampare, the World Health Organization’s statistics indicate that oral cavities were very common among all manner of people, stating that between 60 to 90 per cent of school children and nearly 100 per cent of adults have at least one dental caries (tooth decay) while between 15 to 25 per cent of adults aged 35 to 44 have severe gum diseases.

Dr Dampare gave the advice at the time she was speaking on the topic “Dental Hygiene” at the Ladies Department meeting of the Living Grace Ministries International at Berlin-Top, a suburb at Fiapre in the Sunyani West Municipality of the Bono Region.

She observed that the act could cause both seen and unseen cracks on the teeth which could lead to long-term dental and oral health challenges.

She stressed in her statement that everybody including children needed to visit the dental clinic twice a year to see a professional dentist for examination, and if possible do some cleaning, so that any problem found could be rectified on time to secure the teeth and maintain a quality state of oral health.


She underlined that children before reaching age one should be introduced to a Dentist to check how their teeth are erupting to ensure any problem could be addressed at the early stage.

The teeth if treated and very well-maintained could stay in the mouth intact for more than 100 years without any problem, Dr Dampare said, adding that “at best the teeth need to be cleaned by a professional dentist in every six months to clear all hidden dirt and bacterial that could not be removed by a toothbrush”.

She admonished the public to avoid using pieces of sticks to removing unwanted materials from the teeth because that could cause sores and introduced bacteria to the gum.

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