Still Bedwetting As An Adult? This Herbal Remedy Will stop It Quickly

The terrible health condition called bedwetting is when a person urinates without control at the time he or she is asleep.

Please be informed that the more technical name for bedwetting is nocturnal enuresis?

It is expected that majority of children above age four (4) are able to exercise control vis-a-vis control the emmission of their urine..

This is simply becomes a family concern when children above age seven 7 cannot control their night urination especially when they start schooling.

Here are some of the causes of Bedweting;

1. lazines

2. genetic factors

3. slow development of brain-bladder control

4. Smaller or weak bladder

5. Symptom of a major sickness eg. kidney problem/diabetes

6. Child stress

7. Constipation

Here is the herbal Remedy


1. Mango bark

2. Roasted crab shell

3. Water


1. First of all go for mango bark and crab shell

2. After getting them, roast the shell in a clay pot.

3. Roast till it becomes charcoal-like

4. Try and grind the mango bark together with the made charcoal into fine paste on a whetstone.

5. Add warm water and filtrate it.

Your mixture is now ready for enema

Make sure you do it twice and repeat in three (3) days time.

Source; Opera News

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