SOS Netherlands/NBU-YEC Project: Beneficiaries Share Impactful Testimonies At Reach out Event



By Enock Akonnor

Past beneficiaries of NBU project; now NBU-YEC have shared testimonies on how skills they received through the intiative have greatly impacted their lives and businesses.

Before he was enlisted as an NBU trainee (Gama Cohort 8 category) in 2019, Desmund Adomako was working as a National Service Person at the National Youth Authority.

“Life was so hard for me at the time I was doing my national service. Sometimes. TNT was even difficult for me to come by.

In fact I was going through tough times…So one day, a past beneficiary of NBU Project who was my co-worker informed me about a juicy opportunity which has really helped him and would want me to apply.


He disclosed it to me as the NBU Project.

I was convinced and applied for the training and fortunately for me, I was selected.

I was taught so many things and had it not been for NBU, I wouldn’t have known anything called entrepreneurship.

At the end of the six-month training, I emerged as the best trainee of Gama Cohort 8 in entrepreneurship…

I was given a gas oven as a start-up tool and I must confess that through the support of NBU project, I was strengthened to start my business called DEMASKO Farms.

Application of skills acquired at the training earned me MTN Ayoba Influencer award in 2023.

I represented the whole of Western Africa in Ethiopia and won the Ecosystem Hero in Western Africa award in 2023 among others.”

DEMASKO Farms is into the rearing of snails.

It is an expert in the recycling of waste eggshells into highly nutritious snail feed supplement for snail farmers across the globe.

It also skilled in the conversion of abandoned refrigerators into snail pens.

DEMASKO Farms was nominated by the National Youth Authority to represent Ashanti region-Kumasi Metro at the National Youth Conference 2023 as a Youth Entrepreneur.

Zachariah Abubakar is also a past trainee (2018-2019-Gama category) and now the CEO for Mushfam Limited ( production and supply of tasty organic mushroom).

” I got to know NBU through an introduction from a friend at an event.

He saw what I was doing and said no! There is this hub in Asokore Mampong that can help make my dream come true.

NBU was then doing a recruitment so he sent me the link. I applied, came for the interview and fortunately for me I was selected.

Before coming to NBU, my business was not registered.

We were just operating it as a hobby.

NBU Project helped me to register it as a sole proprietorship but now we are a limited liability company with three branches and nine people working with us as full time employees.

We also have a lot of casual workers.

I knew NBU when I was doing my national service.

Right after the service, I have been working on this project and the results are there for everyone to see”.

Another alumni, Salifu Amaamata, now the CEO for Timat Printing Press also has this to say;

“I knew NBU Project through a Whatsapp group link. I filled the link I was selected to be part of the training.

I joined the training as a normal IT person but right now I have skills in Graphic Design, Photoshop, Editing and coral draw.

I completed my six months training and after that I received an industrial printing machine and can now boast of my own business.

My business is thriving very well, i have 3 employees and I am impacting the knowledge I received”.

The trio shared the above inspiring testimonies at a reach out event, which was organised by officials of the SOS Children’s Villages, Netherlands sponsored NBU-YEC project on Thursday, 30th December, 2023.

Addressing the media, Project Coordinator Roberta Aryeetey said the event focused on offering past beneficiaries who are currently running their own business a platform to share their stories to motivate youth who are yet to be selected for training.

Start-up tools which are 7 quarter bags oven, 1 half bag oven, hair drier and a washing sink were given to some beneficiaries who have completed their hard skills training.

Marjon Durang, Country’s Portfolio Coordinator-SOS Children’s Villages Netherlands told journalists at the event that it always inspires her anytime she comes to see the number of youth that the NBU-YEC project has been able to support to become self-reliant and so resilient plus the start-up tools given to help them achieve their dreams.

She is of the hope that SOS Children’s Villages Netherlands will come up with more support for NBU-YEC project in the next coming months.

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