SOS/NBU Project Rolls Out Public Education Event On Sanitation At Asokore Mampong

Executives of No Business as Usual (NBU) Project have kicked-off a week-long outreach event on sanitation within Asokore Mampong Municipality.

(picture: from left Vincent Ohene-Ntow-NBU Program Manager, Right: NBU Hub Manager-Patricia Matey Akuffo)

The initiative (purely a public education program) is geared towards amplifying the implementation of their two social businesses i.e. reducing drastically open defecation and environmental pollution related to illicit disposal of plastic waste.

 As a way of achieving the foregoing, officials of the project per their modus-operandi will educate residents on the need to properly dispose their waste and adhere to good practices of proper management of waste.

(picture: Participants)

Execution of the duo (Social Businesses) is in partnership with Environment 360 and Das Biogas Construction Limited; recycling of plastic waste and provision of biogas toilet facilities for households respectively.

On Saturday 26th June 2021, the NBU executives held the first chapter at Aboabo No. 1.

In attendance were Civil Society Organizations, leaders of Islamic faith, health official, elders and residents of the electoral area.

(Picture: event)

Delivering a talk at the event, Dr. Hilton Terry Kessi- Physician Assistant, doubling as Executive Director for Network of Empowered Youth For Development (NEYOD) enlightened residents on the dangers associated with haphazard dumping of waste, need for a reduction in the usage of some plastic products and relevance of recycling of waste.

(Picture: participants)

Touching on how most plastic wastes unlike PET Bottles are non-biodegradable and cannot be recycled, he admonished residents of the electoral area to consider reducing the frequency at which they use such materials so as to save the Municipality from its attendant consequences.

He made a call in an exclusive interview with that government officials should consider holding an official dialogue on the imposition of a ban on local production and importation of non-biodegradable plastic products.

(Picture: Dr. Terry Kessi)

Dr. Terry noted that though local production serves as a source of employment for the country and that placing a ban will make it difficult to replace the unemployment loss, “there should still be a negotiation on that because apart from they being used for their purposes, they cannot be recycled and when they are burned the emitted gases contributed to climate change. There must be a national discussion on it so that we can reduce the production of those plastic bags.”

Vincent Ohene-Ntow (Program Manager, No Business as Usual Project) assured in an interview that officials will make sure the two social businesses is sustained within the Municipality even after the expiration of the project.



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