SOS/NBU Project: “Protect State Properties”-NCCE Boss To Akwatia-Line Residents



Asokore Mampong Municipal Director for the National Commission for Civic Education (NCCE) Mr. Matthew Agbanu has through the No Business as Usual (NBU) Project sent a strong caution to residents of Akwatia-line electoral area.

Delivering a talk at a town hall meeting organized under the auspices of the European Union Funded Project (NBU) on 5th June 2021, he urged that any move which triggers the destruction of state properties should be avoided by residents.

Violent protests characterized by the burning of car tires on the streets, damaging of cars belonging to state officials among others end up imposing a reciprocal effect on the citizenry and for that matter the country, urging that residents should at all cost ensure the protection of assets belonging to the state as part of their civic responsibility.


He premised his admonishing on the fact that the rippling effect of the above ends up incuring a financial burden on the state and sets back the progress of their community as assets and projects put up by government in their area get destroyed.

Again, Mr. Agbenu charged that residents should not relent fishing out perpetrators and hinting authorities on acts of crime.

Those involved in drug addiction in the electoral area according to the NCCE Boss should likewise be exposed.

He indicated that the development of the community cannot be shouldered only by government. “It is a shared responsibility”, he underlined.

During the forum, Assemblyman for the area updated residents on some of the achievements scored by him since he assumed office.

They are provision of street lights, improved sanitation, unification of residents, eviction of drug peddlers, frequent holding of communal labour, etc.

He touched sanitation and parking of cars at unapproved areas as major problems confronting the electoral area. He assured that plans are in the pipe-line to address the situation.



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