SOS/NBU Project: officials hold movie night event for Asokore Mampong youth

Close to 40 youth within Asokore Mampong Municipality and beyond on Thursday 8th October 2020 partook in a movie night event which was held at the hub of the No Business as Usual Project.

It was the pivot of one of the training programs  dubbed “Screw Up Moment 10” and was aimed at empowering participants to have a knowledge on business failures and hassles of entrepreneurs.

As part of its focus, implementer of the project used the occasion to show audience a movie titled “THE HUMMING BIRD PROJECT”; a Canadian-Belgian drama directed by Kim Nguyen and produced in 2018.

It is about two young guys whose dream is to build a straight fiber-optic cable line between Kansas and New Jersey. They faced a lot of adversities in building this dream as their entrepreneurship journey is fraught with many unwelcome turns.

The movie displayed a great vision and grit, which subsequently helped participants to believe that failing at something is an extra motivation to take creative steps to succeed. It further thought the audience that anyone can become anything.

“Screw Up Moment 10” was open to all classes of youth including other youth not enrolled in the NBU youth Entrepreneurship and Employability Program (YEEP).

At the end of the show, participants were offered the platform to share with speakers for the event some of the lessons they tapped from the movie. Speakers also  charged them on how they can overcome their failures as they work towards achieving their dreams in life.

Ms. Adwoa Fosua Owusu Ofori, Founder of Women’s Haven Africa in an interview with advised Ghanaian youth that “there is nothing that cannot be achieved under the sun. Anything that you are aiming at in life, ones you focus on it you will be able to achieve.”

She gave an instance that there are lots of young men and women who  have dreams and visions but are unable to achieve them.

She therefore charged them to exercise resilience, commitment and believe that  no matter what , they will be able to make it





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