SOS/NBU Project: Female Trainees Empowered To Utilize Modern Technology In Their Business

Female trainees under the Youth Entrepreneurship and Employability Program (YEEP) of the No Business as Usual ( NBU) Project have been trained on how to utilize modern technology for the growth of their business.

Following the onset of digital apps and social media platforms including WhatsApp Business, Zoom, Facebook, Google Drive, Drop Box, Twitter among others, implementers of the project through the training made them privy to how such portals could be used in the areas of marketing, accounting and communication as they run their business.

At the hub of the project on Friday 30th April 2021, trainees as part of the event were taken through practical steps on how to create a WhatsApp business account.

It was done under the tutelage of one of the facilitators Mr. Abdul Rahman Shamuna, Founder of Seed of Hope; a non-governmental organization.

Another facilitator Akwesi Boateng, Executive Director for Blanqcheck also trained them on phone photography i.e using their phones to take professional pictures of their products to capture the attention they need for their business.

He schooled them on how to take good pictures, picture editing, selling online etc.

The event was dubbed: “CONNECTED THINKING 15” and was held under the theme “Why Women Should Adopt Modern Technology For Their Personal Growth”.

Speaking in an interview, Akwasi Boateng encouraged entrepreneurs to embrace the concept of photography due to its associated economic benefits.

Since photos attract more attention than text, he said that there is therefore the need for all to learn photography since they will need it in the promotion of their business.


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