SOS/NBU Project: Business adviser calls on Ghanaian youth to think beyond the box



An Enterprise Development and Investment adviser Frank Owusu Brobbey has admonished Ghanaian youth to think beyond the box by tapping into available job  opportunities instead of always relying on government and white-color jobs for survival.

He expressed his dissatisfaction against their relaxed posture premised on their usual excuse that the environment is not favorable and that it is deficient  of opportunities needed for the actualization of their dreams .

He debunked strongly in his defense that there are many chances available that can yield so much financial returns if utilized efficiently by the youth.

“There are lot of problems which they can identify and as they solve them, there are lot of economic returns they will get in return”, he noted in an interview with


Frank Owusu Brobbey dropped the foregoing statement at the hub of the European Union Funded Project No Business as Usual (NBU) when a training program dubbed IGNITE  12  was in session.

He was invited as one of the facilitators for the event which was held on  10th September 2020.

Other speaker was Mr. Ivan Heathcote Fumador, Broadcast Journalist, EIB Network.

Still in his statement, he sighted social media as a great platform where the youth tap into things related to their dreams that can fuel their passion and goals towards success.

“Whatever their passion and dreams are, they should use the social media appropriately to fuel it” he appealed.

Speaking at the event, Mr. Ivan Heathcote Fumador shared with participants some of the hassles he went through in life due to his impaired sight and how he endured before attaining his present status within the field of journalism.

He called participants to the realization that they have a purpose which they have to achieve in this world and that they will not go anywhere if they make excuses in life.

“This period of your life is where you can make the best decision. The land is so fertile for you to make good decisions”, he told the youth of Asokore Mampong.


IGNITE 12 was organized by officials of NBU Project to inspire the youth of Asokore Mampong Municipality and beyond to take immediate actions needed to improve their lives.

It also acquainted them to realities in life especially making tough decisions, setting daring life goals and taking risks.

IGNITE 12 made participants to believe in themselves and introduce them to the reality of the talents they possess.



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