SOS/NBU Project: Rise of Artificial Intelligence, Ghana is not prepared-Manager

A training program organized by officials of the No Business as Usual (NBU) Project has triggered a call for an adequate preparation following the advent of technology, especially the emergence of artificial intelligence.

Michael  Adu-Gyamfi, Human Resource Manager for Sinapi Aba Savings and Loans speaking on the sidelines of the program which was dubbed; “CAREER CHALLENGES, ACCEPTANCE OR PRE-EMPTIVE MITIGATION?”,  alerted that there is a high possibility that many employees will be pushed out of their jobs by technology by the year 2030.

He explained that the rise of technology will seriously compete with staff and human brains within the various institutions.

Ghana according to him should really prepare itself by stepping up measures and be more technologically inclined to be able to fight back.

“We need to have a mindset of adaptation because things are changing very fast.”, he advised.

Michael Adu-Gyamfi sadly indicated that the nation at the moment is not prepared owing to the fact that Ghana has not invested much in IT.

Per his assessment, Ghana’s investment in IT is very low compared to other countries who are far ahead. Michael Adu-Gyamfi said if the leadership should sit down,  think and take action on the foregoing, they can harness technology for the good of the citizenry.

“Entrepreneurs need to be thinking of technology because that is the way forward if we want to be accepted into the way things are moving in the world”.

Training Coordinator for NBU Mr. Shaibu Fuseini in a concept noted said “recent developments in technology like the emergence of artificial intelligence are increasingly playing vital roles in the working environment, with virtual meetings, remote jobs and online applications taking center stage. During this period of Covid-19 outbreak, employers and employees are confronted with a unique set of hurdles in the recruitment process and they are compelled to find creative ways of engaging potential candidates in their recruitment process.”

The event he indicated therefore sought to educate job seekers on recent dynamic in the working environment and how to proactively deal with challenges at the workplace to meet set goals and objectives.


 At the event, participants were given the opportunity to explore the various ways of resolving challenges at the workplace and how to charter a path for their career growth.

Objectives were;

Providing a forum for participants to gain deeper insights into identifying career challenges

Equipping participants on how to be proactive in mitigating potential challenges that can affect their career progress.

Speakers were Vincent Ohene-Ntow (Program Manager- Action Plan/SBs/PPPs-NBU Project) and Michael Adu-Gyamfi (Human Resource Manager-Sinapi Aba Savings and Loans).

Vincent Ohene-Ntow trained them how identify career challenges and best ways to resolve them.

He exposed participants to some of the realities within the job market including unemployment, difficulties in accessing funds for business among others.

“Unemployment is very real and before you get into the job market, there are so many things you need to know.”

Ohene-Ntow informed trainees that they are likely to face all these as they prepare for the job market. He however advised them not to be depressed by them since they are all realities of life.


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