Some Parents Foolishly Bring Their Responsibilities To Me- Kennedy Agyapong

Majority of Africans complain of many shirking their responsibilities and expecting other people to bear such loads on their behalf.

Well, the Member of Parliament for Assin Central Hon. Kennedy Agyapong is highly annoyed over how some of his colleagues decide to endorse the irresponsible behaviour of some parents in the country.

According to the MP, because of the fear of losing the next elections, some politicians are afraid to speak the truth to some of the parents (electorates) who tend to heap their burden on the politicians.

“Some parents are so irresponsible,” Agyapong said adding that, “you are a guy, you go and sleep with a woman, have good sex with her, make babies then you foolishly bring your responsibility to me that you have named the child after me so I should take care of him,” Kennedy Agyapong said on Metro TV.

Hon Kennedy Agyapong disclosed that there are over 200 children named after him and their parents expect him to take responsibility for their welfare, just because they bear his name.

He continued that his colleagues in the August House are not bold enough to criticize some of these things that happen in society.

Source; Opera News

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