Soldiers open fire on protesters in Nigeria’s Lagos

Soldiers in Nigeria opened fire on a number of citizens protesting against police brutality in Lagos.

According to several witnesses, at least two people were shot as authorities imposed a curfew and promised an investigation.

Four witnesses informed Reuters news agency that soldiers fired at the protesters who had gathered in the Lekki district of Nigeria’s largest city in defiance of an indefinite curfew imposed hours before by authorities.

Hundreds of people were at the site at the time of the shooting, which witnesses indicated took place around 7pm (18:00 GMT).

A 55-year old security officer said; “They started firing ammunition toward the crowd. They were firing into the crowd…I saw the bullet hit one or two persons,”

Inyene Akpan, 26, a photographer, also disclosed that  more than 20 soldiers arrived at the toll gate in Lekki and opened fire. He said he saw two people being shot. Akinbosola Ogunsanya, a third witness, also told Reuters he saw soldiers remove bodies.

Scenes of protesters removing a bullet from someone’s wound and pleading for help were broadcast in a live video on Instagram by DJ Switch, a popular disc jockey.

Another witness, Chika Dibia, also reported that  soldiers hemmed in people as they shot at them.

Source; Aljazeera news

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