Social distancing; priests introduce water pistol for child baptism



Cleric in the US has clearly disclosed the current innovation designed to ensure life gets back to something approaching normal, while maintaining a strict two-metre distance from one another.


According to the content of a picture that has gone viral on social media, an unnamed clergyman is seen baptising a young child using a water pistol.

Though majority of people have suggested the picture is a spoof designed to lift spirits, it’s not the first time a Holy man has tried it.


In Canada another cleric has long ago adopted the same approach to christenings.

While the practise is immersive to say the least and may or may not be designed for a laugh rather than serious use, others have criticised the use of water pistols in the church as comical and, at worst, disrespectful.

However, with priests in Ireland warning that an immediate return to normal practices like public Masses at this critical stage would potentially lead to a loss of life it’s clear an alternative solution is required, Super Soaker based or otherwise.

Given the need to maintain distance while ensuring the public has the right to practice their religious beliefs, priests across the Emerald Isle could soon be following the example of their American cousins.

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