social distancing abuse;”involve CSOs in food distribution”- MFCS suggests



The high abuse of the WHO social distancing protocol characterizing the distribution of the lockdown food items within affected areas has triggered a wise suggestion from Sheikh Mohamed Bun Bida, Programs Director for Muslim Family Counseling Services (MFCS).

“The situation where residents troop around officials for their share of the national meal amidst a zero regard for the adherence to the prescribed public health practice (social distancing) can only be avoided if government decentralize some of the role to community based Civil Society Organizations”, he opined.

He expatiated in his proposal during an exclusive discourse with leakynews.net that local CSOs who are abreast with the state of affairs of areas within which they operate as to those who are vulnerable premised on their relationship with residents can be assigned to such communities to carry out the supply of the relief items.

“This is far better than allowing people to mass up at a central location like what happened recently at Asokwa around the Shopping Mall area in Ashanti region. Social distancing was on high abuse that day”, he stated.

Sheikh Bun Bida continued that the modus of the distribution by each CSO should be done in partnership with representatives of the Gender Ministry and NADMO.


“As distributions goes on, officials from the duo government institutions will also be conducting a careful monitoring so as to ensure that the activity is carried out effectively as planned”, he noted.

Source; leakynews.net

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