Soak Your Feet In Salt Water For 10 mins To Cure These Dangerous Diseases



Series of studies discovered that too much salt in the body can bind water and fat. But what about soaking your feet in salt water?

Salt contains anti-inflammatory compounds and can treat ailments such as sore throats and reduce tooth sensitivity.

After coming home from work and feeling sore feet can also be overcome by soaking the feet with salt water.

Curious about what the benefits are?

Provided below is the list of benefits.


1. Caring for toenails:

The most neglected part, the feet, can be treated in a special way.

It can be a spa or a simple way by soaking in warm salt water. Toenails are also often annoying when they grow inwards. This can be overcome by preparing salt water.

Soaking your feet in salt water softens your toenails and helps them grow, especially when they are ingrown and reduces swelling.

Another thing is it also makes it easier for you to trim your toenails afterwards.

2. Overcoming cracked heels:

Dead skin and cracked heels can be treated with salt water.

While it may sting if you have an open wound, before the crack gets worse you can treat it by soaking your feet at the end of the day. This can be done once every two weeks before going to bed for effective healing.

3. Help reduce smelly feet:

Only with a bucket of warm water sprinkled with salt, smelly feet can be overcome.

In fact this method is very natural and cheap isn’t it?

Smelly feet can be caused by the accumulation of bacteria when in a humid state. It can also be caused by socks or shoes that are often worn not in clean condition. Since salt water is anti-bacterial, treat damp feet by soaking in warm salt water for 10 minutes.

After soaking in warm salt water, rub ice cubes. This method can reduce the production of excess sweat on the feet.

4. Cure sore feet:

After a long walk or a day’s activities, soaking your feet in salt water is the right way to cure sore feet.

Soaking your feet in cold salt water helps constrict blood vessels and reduces chemical mediators that cause inflammation.

By soaking the feet for a few minutes, swelling and inflammation of the leg muscles are reduced.

5. Improve sleep quality:

A study conducted by the Department of Nursing, Chung San Medical University, Taiwan discovered that soaking the feet before bed can distribute core temperature to the periphery.

According to the study, lower core temperatures coupled with higher distal temperatures in the hands and feet were associated with shorter sleep latency and better sleep quality.

That is, if you want to sleep comfortably and quality, this simple way can be done.

Thank you so much.

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