Soak Bitter Cola In Coconut Water, Drink And Say Goodbye To These Diseases

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Bitter kola soaked in coconut water is made by taking about ten bitter kola nuts.

Just mix the ten nuts in a glass of coconut water.

Leave the two to settle for about one hour. Afterwards, you can take one full spoon of the water three times every day.

Following such pattern would surely offer you the needed benefits.

A few of the benefits of bitter kola soaked in coconut water include the following;

1. It increases your sexual drive.

2. It helps to treat skin infections such as measles, eczema, rashes, etc.

3. It offers resistance to microbes that cause diseases.

4. It can be used as an analgesic—i.e., to reduce pain in the joints, or that caused by arthritis.

5. It strengthens the immune system since it has constituents that aid healing in humans, e.g., phenols, alkaloids, flavonoids, terpenoids, and cardiac glycosides.

Apart from the above added benefits you get by soaking bitter kola in coconut water, below are the individual benefits of coconut water.

1. It helps to manage stress.

2. It helps to achieve weight loss

3. It helps to keep your heart healthy.

4. It helps to ease menstrual flow

5. It helps to dissolve kidney stones

6. It aids the digestion of food.

7. It helps to moisturize the skin.

8. It helps to prevent dry hair

9. It can be used as a hair condition.

10. It causes your hair to shine.

Above are the benefits of soaking bitter kola in water, ensure you consume moderate quantity.

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