Six rules every lady in Ghana should follow




1. Don’t take off YOUR PANTIES because he called You Beautiful. Take Them off because He MARRIED YOU.

2. Don’t Open Your LEGS because he said You will Make A GOOD MOTHER. Open them because he’s Ready to be A GOOD FATHER AFTER Your Wedding.

3. Don’t Take Him HOME because he Gave You A Ride or Bought You Ice CREAM and fried rice. Take him home because he treated you like a queen and he is Committed to be the Love of YOUR LIFE.


4. Don’t PUSH Him away because He has No MONEY TODAY. Hold Him Close if He is A Man of Vision. To another Woman, He is HONEY and He’s Got BRIGHTER Days ahead with A PROSPECTIVE BLOSSOMING FUTURE.

5. Don’t Go Punishing Him because ANOTHER MAN Hurt You. All Men are not the Same. A Man who FEARS God doesn’t Hurt People. If He Loves You, Give Him a Chance and He may be the best thing that ever Happened to you.

6. Don’t Stay up All Night Praying and Wondering Where to Find a Good Man. Work on YOUR CHARACTER, be an ASSET and not A LIABILITY and above all serve God FAITHFULLY.

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