Sir John was sacrificed to seal NPP’s victory- Prophet “Ogya Nyame”



Founder and leader for New Generation Church International “Ogya Nyame” has unmasked a shocking revelations concerning the death of former general secretary of New Patriotic Party and current Boss of Forestry Commission called Sir John.

Granting an Interview with Oheneba Serwaa Bonsu who is the hostess of Royal Television popular program entitled “Atesem”, the man of God disclosed that he spoke about the death of a prominent person who will die in the N.P.P in order for their victory to be sealed in the 2020 general elections.

He explained that in matters related to the spirit, before anything can happen, there must be the shedding of blood.

“That is the reason why Jesus had to sacrifice his blood for the world so that our relationship with God will be restored”.


He recalled that recently this year, he had a program and as he was in his elements in the realms of the spirit, the Lord revealed to him that the New Patriotic Party will surely win the 2020 general elections but one prominent person in the party must die for his blood to be used as a seal for their victory in the December polls.

He carried on by recalling how he predicted that the incident was going to occur in the 6th to the 7th month of 2020.

The man of God finally added that Ghanaians should stop taking the prophetic ministry and prophets in Ghana for granted, “for there are genuine prophets in the country who have been positioned to be carriers of deliverance to Ghana”.

He said that when he gave the prophecy, nobody took him serious because of how Ghanaians have disregarded prophets in Ghana.

Source; opera news

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