Signs that show your immune system is weak



The immune system protects the body against infections.

Persons with strong immunity are resistant to diseases whereas those having poor or weak immune system are prone to frequent infections.

The major components of the immune system are the white blood cells, antibodies, and other components such as lymph nodes and organs.

Poor immune system may result from birth, diseases or may be environmental.

Some common factors that weaken the immune system are HIV, certain medications and viral hepatitis.


Immunodeficiency can be mild or severe. Those with mild immunodeficiency may not be aware for years but the severe cases may cause the person to experience frequent infections.

Listed below are some of the signs of weak immune system:

1. Prone to infections or diseases

People with weak immune system are very susceptible to frequent diseases and infections. It is advisable for not to get closer to people that are sick as they easily pick up infections.

2. Have difficulty in dealing with infections

Individuals with poor immune system find it difficult to recover from basic ailments. Common diseases they may suffer from are bronchitis, pneumonia and skin infections. It may take them time to recover when they have certain issues.

3. Frequent digestive disorders

They have frequent issues of stomach cramps, loss of appetite and also experience frequent diarrhea.

4. Retarded growth in children

Children and infants with weak immune system don’t grow vigorously as those with strong immune systems. Their growth and development is often very slow.

5. The may have frequent loss of blood or feel anaemic most times.

6. They may have inflammations of internal organs.

7. May experience autoimmune disorders

The following practices can be used to boost the immune system

1. Consult a medical doctor

2. Practice good hygiene

3. Avoid people who are sick

3. Disinfect household

4. Eat immune food boosters such as broccoli, pawpaw, red bell pepper, etc.

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