Signs that show that someone is a Witch or a Wizard

Witches or Wizards are two groups of people who practice witchcraft.

In other words, witches are females who exercise more than common powers.

They are people who give themselves up to mischief, especially a woman or a child.

Wizards, are normally males who use mystical or satanic powers against people.

Now, here are some of the signs that show that someone is a witch or wizard:

1. They are always happy when they see you in a bad condition.

Sometimes, do you imagine why someone is just encited when things are not going well?

Listen to me, it will not be so common or dearing for someone to be happy when you are down. I do not think such things are common in reasonable perspective. Well, if you find one like that there’s a big question mark. (??).

2.children are frightened.

Because of sin, many adults could not see things that children see. Children are termed as Biblically holy because they do not know what is right or wrong; or, neither do they know about themselves. So they are not sinners.

Because of the level of holiness in children, they are able to sense evil or know witches and wizards.

You as an adult, if God opens your eyes to see what children are seeing; hum! You will choose to be a blind man.

Incase you think I forgot, children are frightened.

Do you know why? witches or wizards already know they are seen by the little Ones, so they try to frighten them to distract the Child’s attention towards them.

That will make the child cry as a result of fear. If you saw one, that’s what I meant.

3.Witches and wizards only come around you When are facing a problem.

Sometimes when you needed help from someone, he or she refuses to help you even when he or she has?

Assuming you need money to treat a sick person, or to do something very urgent or important; they will refuse to help you out.

Interestingly, after you have lost everything, they will come to condole or sympathize with you.
Please beware of such people.

4. If you tell them your secret

They always make sure that whatever you tell them will not come to pass

5. Witches and wizards don’t repent.

Witches and wizards never repent (only on rare occasions) unless they are dead.

6. They use other people’s faces to attack.

Witches use people’s faces to attack others. They may use friends or related faces to attack . In such cases, pray against it.


Source; Opera News

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