Signs and Symptoms of a Weak Political Leader…



Listed below are signs and symptoms of a weak leader.

A weak leader:-

1. Always prefers to keep a bunch of unproductive stuff around him who can praise him, agree to him what he says and execute as per his instructions without any question.

2. Speaks always of high ideals and governs the organisation by all kinds of mean strategies of power game.

3. Provides all facilities to the people who only listen to him.


4. Makes khichidi of everything and is never focused on anything. Neither does he allow anyone to be focused and make a progress.

5. Knows how to attract people by speaking sweetly and presenting himself as if he alone knows how to save the world.

6. Always prefers to keep the gun on someone else’s shoulder to shoot others.

7. Makes all efforts to keep others under obligation. He strongly feels that others should always remain loyal to him, obliged to him, and expects that others should feel privileged working under him.

8. Can never tolerate another person’s progress.

9. Always wants to take advantage of others’ work without investing anything or putting any effort from his side, and never gives credit to others for their hard work.

10. Never brings competent people into the team for fear of losing his own position.

11. He is clear and knows well that he just needs some donkeys and sticks to his purpose of getting the work done through donkeys.

12. Invites ideas from all but implements only what he wants to implement.

13. Trusts none, however close one may be to him.

14. Takes utmost care of getting information about everyone and everything, especially the wrong ones, and likes that person most who supplies him with such information, but at the same time engages another person to keep an eye on that person without he or she knowing about it.

15. Sees that no two persons come together or work together harmoniously.

16. Spends plenty of time for very small and unnecessary things and has no time for anything good.

17. Insecure of high professionals.

18. Gives a big lecture on Team Spirit, but never builds a team of right people. Even if he builds a team, he takes care that all members of the team should never come together. He applies all means of divide and rule to keep each member of the team separate.

19. Image conscious and lacks real courage to fight or take just stand.

20. Tries to exploit members by arm twisting them and hit at them by consciously finding out some of their weaknesses.

21. He has trained himself wisely to tell blunt lies in a way that it sounds as THE truth.

22. Is highly exploitative and enjoys exploiting others to satisfy his desire of being great.

23. Has different ideologies for different people.

24. Poor Integrity, lack of adaptability, little vision for the future, lack of accountability — all these are natural to his temperament.

25. Is never transparent in any matter. Appoints a person to head a section and works out things related to the same department with others without the knowledge of the person responsible for / heading the department, like a dalal who sells the same property to multiple people.

26. He does all these in such a diplomatic way that no one can catch him easily.

27. Is easily flattered with praise and gathers around himself a mafia of incompetent sycophants as his aides and advisors and looses his credibility and effectiveness.

28. Cannot tolerate constructive and frank criticism from wiser, more capable or experienced and honest mentors, colleagues or even subordinates, and turns out to become an autocrat.

Because of such leaders organisations never thrive.

By Sampadananda Mishra

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