Shut your mouth: Tell no one any of these things until you have them complete.

As we all grow in life, we realise that not all things can be gotten from words alone but requires action to come in place.

For example; the struggle to pass a primary school exam isn’t the same as getting a BSC.

Again, the effort to get a bicycle as a little boy isn’t equal to that of a man trying to buy a car.

This indicates that the higher we go, the tougher and narrower our path seems.

Certain things in life come as a result of hard working, perseverance, zealousness and efforts.

These are things that celebrate us, they are like evidence of our hard work and prove we are doing well in that point of our lives.

They are called “achievements”.

According to the definition of Google, An achievements is a thing done successfully with effort, skill, or courage, “to reach a stage in life is a great achievement”.

When we reach these stages of our lives, it is advisable to apply wisdom while sharing our achievements with friends as The Bible clearly stated that the heart of men are desperately wicked, which means we can’t be certain of the intentions of our friends.

In today’s article, I am going to share with you some achievements that shouldn’t be shared with anyone until you have them complete.

There are 7 of them, perhaps they are more, I chose these 7 out of experience and opinions from others.

Tell no one any of these 7 things until you have them complete.

1.Never tell anyone when you’re getting married until you finally wear the wedding dress.

2. Don’t tell anyone when you get pregnant, allow it grow, they will see for themselves.

3. Don’t tell anyone when you get promoted, your promotion will bring you out.

4. Don’t tell anyone your expected date of delivery, let them hear the news themselves.

5. Don’t tell anyone when you’ve completed your house, allow people notice for themselves that you have relocated.

6. Don’t tell anyone when you plan to leave the country, allow them to hear the news after you have gone.

7. Don’t tell anyone when you’re buying a car, Let people see for themselves.

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