Shrinking manhood? Try this cure with kola nut and thank me later



The kola nut, also locally referred to as “bissy”, is the fruit of the kola tree, native to the tropics of Africa.

In most West African cultures, kola nuts are used in ceremonies presented to chiefs or guests.

When boiled, the fruit can be used as a flavoring ingredient in drinks to make cola. At first bite, kola nuts are bitter at the taste but sweeten when chewed. Two percent of kola nuts comprise of caffeine, as well as two other stimulants, kolanin, and theobromine.

Enlarge your manhood with kolanut! It might sound in some way or another however accept me,this is simply the most ideal approach to impress your lady.




-Water(clean water)

-What’s more, bottle (little jug)


-Simply cut all the kolanut into the jug

-Put it (kolanut) inside the jug

-Fill the jug with water

-You will begin drinking it following 3 days of readiness.

-You will drink it twice (2 times each day) morning and night for 3days.

You will see the progressions before that three days.

What you need is to focus on your lifestyle,stay away from anything that can influence your sexual life.

Love your woman,so this common strategy can work for you.

God will favor your home.

Source; opera news

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