SHOCKING!! Over 85% Of Private School Operators Untutored On Legalities Of School Operations

Formal Education was birthed by our colonial masters when they came for their missionary work and saw the need to establish most missionary schools.

The Bethel missionary, catholic missionary, Almadiyya schools among many others were established to specifically give education to Mulato children and people from worthy homes.

This line of education delivery saw the need for the establishment of private Schools when most of the missionary schools were absorbed and controlled by government- now called government schools.
Most individuals converted their apartments to operate as private schools without being exposed to the rudiments of education demands and delivery.

The Ghana National Council of Private Schools, Gnacops, through its research department in 2018 conducted a research which resulted that 85% of people operating private schools are not professionally equipped with the knowledge and understanding within the scope of Private Education.

For this reason, the Council come out with an Education Leadership training program for all who are operating private schools in the length and breath of Ghana.

This Education Leadership Training Programme is an excellent opportunity that was designed as a result of the study which was conducted by the Ghana National Council of Private Schools in 2018 on legal understanding of Private Education Operations.

The research, which revealed that over 85% of Private Education Operators really do not know and have not been exposed to the legal understanding of activities of running Private Education in Ghana will be given the chance to be trained and given Education on the parameters of Education governance, Financial management and budgeting, Information and Communication Technology etc.

It has been promulgated that, the current situation of most of our school operators poses a threat to schools being folded-up in the few years ahead.
The numerous reformation going on at the ministry of education show that government has set a standard for education in the country.

Government has well positioned itself in educational delivery, competing the global market.

Majority of our students are now chasing public education because the rate at which public schools were running has increasingly changed, and as a Council we need to put in efficient and pragmatic strategies to redeem the situation for private schools, hence the introduction of the Leadership programme that focuses on

  • Educational Government.
  • School Management
  • Financial Management
  • And Curriculum Development

The programme is designed to provide Capacity Building which is professional Certificated not Academic.

We believe in capacity building, a certian kind of situational change, that is likely to expose private education practitioners to pragmatic techniques that produce greater outcome in their businesses.

The first batch training was fantastic and now majority of them are working assiduously to turn the coin.

“It is our very happiness that School Operators have taken this great opportunity to acquaint with modern trends and build their capacity with the relevant information needed to grow private education delivery strategies.

Let’s start the new educational journey experiences today as we forge forward together in redefining the role of Private Education in Ghana”

Enoch Kwasi Gyetuah
National Executive Director
Ghana National Council of Private Schools

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