SHOCKING: Blind man who regained sight divorces wife for being ugly

Just imagine standing by a man for years whilst he’s blind then the minute he regains his sight, he tells you that you’re not worthy of him.

Such a man in my opinion is not a human being but rather a demon pretending to be human.

A woman has disclosed the story of how her previously blind husband has asked for divorce now that he can see.

According to him, the wife is ugly and he needs freedom to chase the many beautiful women he sees.

The wife is distraught and posted online looking for advice.

Read her sad story below…

My official name is Cynthia, I’m 36 years old and I got married to this man who I love not because of his money (we’re not rich though but we’re contented with what we have) but I love because I chose him from my heart. Although his parents begged me into marrying him but I still gave him love.

To cut all stories short, I married him a blind man and since then, due to the love I have for him I’ve been running helter-skelter to find a solution to his blindness.

2 years later we finally did an operation for him and God gave him back his sight. This money I used was the one I borrowed from my company.

A week after he regained his sight he didn’t start sleeping home and I heard that he had been carrying a lady around. I never believed all these but if I don’t what reason do I want to give for him not coming home.

So one day, he came home and I talked senses to him and told him the story of his life about how I suffered and gave him love when he was nobody.

But the word he said to me is that “Love is blind, and it’s because of his blindness that made him marry me an UGLY woman” he said his eyes are now opened and he can see a lot of beautiful ladies.

What do I do to this ungrateful man because all I can think of is to send him back to how he was before. Because I am already planning to pour acid on him to disfigure him back.

I need your advice, please?

Source; opera news

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  1. He is a foolish man. You don’t need him. Let Him go. But when he finds that he has done wrong and comes back to beg,don’t mind him. After all the pain , you have gone through for him.

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