She invited me to pray with her but we ended up sleeping together

I am called Pamenimi, and my age is 26.

My wish was to discover my wife once am 27-year-old, so I decided to attend marriage counseling and picked advise on marriage from experienced people.

During marriage I was told many times to be very careful of female friends and was told that it might be difficult to choose the right one if I’m negatively influenced.

I accepted every other advice but I was not ok with the advice on staying careful with female friends because I felt am supposed to be more close in other to discover the best partner.

A close female church member invited me for a prayer meeting.

It was scheduled differently from the usual prayer meeting which we usually hold with members of our Church’s prayer band.

Her name is Tokoni, aged 29.

After her invitation, I had a sober reflection on some of the advices which I received earlier.

Her invitation was for prayer, so I decided to ignore the advice.

I went with all the required boldness to pray and discuss the scriptures with her.

Arriving at the prayer arena, I was not satisfied with Tokoni’s dress style because it was charming and the time was around 4:00 pm in the evening.

We begun praying and as we were praying Tokoni’s posture began to change.

I wanted to question her but I knew that prayer is a thing of the heart and not the posture of a person.

I never knew what came over me, I suddenly met her, and she never resisted.

We slept together and went home without concluding the prayer. I prayed for mercy but 4 months later, Tokoni called me and said she is pregnant for me.

I was short of words and became highly disturbed while focusing on the fact that I have prayed for mercy therefore I am not supposed to experience this.

Tokoni refused to get rid of the pregnancy even after I pleaded and urged her to do so. She threaten to disclose all that happened to my Pastor, so I decided to marry her quickly.

It was not my dream to marry in such a manner and i never wanted to marry a lady older than me.

We got married not as a result of genuine love but as a result of a single mistake.

I am passing through a lot of challenges due to my engagement with her and If I break up with her, she will announce everything to the public.

I am a well respected person in my community and the respect given to me might be eliminated permanently if proper care is not exercised.

Please help me out with a wise advise.

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