Severe Boil On Your Skin??? Apply This Herb To Get Quick Results

Welcome home valued reader.

If skin boils are constantly disturbing you and you are so tired of using chemical-laden creams and pills, kindly try these natural remedies instead.

1. Garlic and onion:

Apply onion or garlic juice on boils and wash it off after it dries out.

This causes boils to ripen and break to evacuate the pus.

After that, clean the area with cotton and apply turmeric on it.

2. Betel leaves:

Just heat 2 – 3 betel leaves over a pan till they turn soft.

Now, add a few drops of castor oil on the leaves and place these leaves on the boil.

This will rupture the boil causing the pus to ooze out.

Clean the surface and apply an antiseptic cream to it.

3. Turmeric:

An age-old remedy to treat boils, turmeric speeds up the healing process and also prevents inflammation.

All you need to do is take half a teaspoon of turmeric powder and make a thick paste by adding water (drop-by-drop).

Apply it on the boil twice a day.

4. Milk cream:

If you thought milk cream is only associated with beauty, you are very wrong.

It can also be effectively used if boils are giving you a tough time.

Mix one teaspoon of milk cream, a pinch of turmeric powder and half a teaspoon of vinegar for an effective home remedy to deal with boils.

When applied on the boils, it helps in ripening the boils and thus, aids in quick healing.

5. Cumin seeds:

Take around two teaspoons of cumin seeds.

Grind them in mortar and pestle by adding few drops of water to make a fine paste.

Now, apply this paste on boils and leave it to dry.

Wash it off with water after few minutes. Do this regularly for quick results.

Thank you so much.

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