The Struggle Of NPP Grassroot: Musah Superior Writes….

You worked so hard for NPP in 2016 and 2020 as an officer/ communicator of the Party and we won both elections and gave birth to the NPP government which without doubt is on top of the job and delivering as a government.

Now it is time to measure your relevance in the Party vis-à-vis the effort you have put in both elections to help the NPP win and retain power.

What has the Party done or is planning to do to ADD VALUE to you an as executive or communicator of the Party?

As a Party, we must take the welfare of our officers seriously.

As GS, l will establish the Business Development Unit to assist our officers to undertake economic ventures, etc.

Rewarding persons who led the fight to deliver these important victories for our Party cannot be out of place.

Change is good. Be bold and join the Peoples’ campaign. We understand your pain and frustration

Your NPP General Secretary Hopeful


Hon Musah Superior

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