Detractors Of Sekyere Kumawu DCE Exposed For Planning Another Attact

Intelligence picked from a group called “Concern Youth of Sekyere Kumawu” suggests that a group of individuals who claim to be members of NPP within Kumawu Constituency of Ashanti region are planning to hurl another chapter of vicious attack against the workaholic DCE for Sekyere Kumawu, Hon Samuel Addai Agyekum.

Their yet to be launched second attack according to the group is a follow up to a first one which was initiated by them against the DCE which proved unsuccessful.

Leader for the group Nana Sarpong told this medium that their (detractors) objective is to soil the hard earned reputation of the government official by creating unnecessary tension at Kumasi and ultimately tarnish the highly respected image of His Excellency Nana Addo Danquah Akufo-Addo.

He whispered into the ears of this medium that, their first attack on the DCE was born out of sheer hatred.

“They decided to peddle lies amidst character assassination and gross disrespect against the leadership of NPP (Constituency, Regional and National executives).”

Per his statement, the gross disrespect exhibited by the group (organisers of the first failed press conference/attacks at Bodomase) clearly beats simple logic since the very party leaders they have disrespected are those who would consider and listen to their grievances, if there are any.

“On a more serious note, the DCE, Hon Samuel Addai Agyekum has declined to comment on the attacks on his personality when contacted by the media(TV, Radio and Newspaper), but rather decided to respect the party structures and authorities, a clear demonstration of how peaceful, respectful and humble he is and
his willingness to accept all constituents irrespective of their race, age and gender.”

He thanked the DCE for displaying such high level of maturity, “even at the time when all sort of lies have been spewed against you to dent your image.”

“Again, we want to draw the attention of party leaderships, especially our affable regional Chairman(Chairman Wontumi), the security agencies and the general to monitor the activities of the said group, since their supposed loyalty to NPP is questionable, and the public, especially, the media houses must be wary in dealing with this group!

To this end, we want draw the attention of all constituents of Sekyere Kumawu, both home and abroad to remain focused and continue to offee their quota for the progress of Kumawuman and mother Ghana.”

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