See why we always close our eyes when kissing the opposite sex

Have you ever pondered on why we always close our eyes when we kiss the opposite sex?

It might seem weird to a lot of people who even do this because it just happens automatically.

It is how we have been trained — lean in, close your eyes and present your lips.

People normally close their eyes while kissing to allow the brain to properly focus on the task in hand, psychologists said.

A study on vision and tactile sensory experience at Royal Holloway, University of London, drew a conclusion that the brain finds it difficult to process another sense while also concentrating on the visual stimuli.

Kissing can also make us feel vulnerable or self-conscious and closing your eyes is one way of making yourself more relaxed.

It will be weird and spooky when you have wide-opened eyes looking directly at you at such a close distance for so many minutes.

When one of your five senses is blocked, the other senses are heightened in function; like the blind, the deaf or dumb. Whenever you close your eyes when kissing, your sense of touch that connects your lips is heightened. You concentrate on the sweetness of the lips only.

Closed-eye kissing is an ernest attempt at bringing up the feels and intensifying the intimacy of the encounter. So for more reasons than one, keeping your eyes open while you kiss can obstruct the interaction.

The brain appreciates the touch of your partner’s lips even more when your eyes are closed, since it has fewer outside stimuli to focus on. So, when you close your eyes to prepare for a kiss, you only do so in the name of feeling the kiss, which your brain subconsciously decided was more important than seeing the kiss.

Finally, there’s one other reason why we close our eyes in this act, and it shifts to trust. Many people find it creepy when their kissing partner keeps his or her eyes open.

But by closing your eyes, you’re letting your partner know that you’re able to let go and fully enjoy the moment with them.

The lips have more than 250 sensitive muscles that respond to touch and therefore taste and feel, so all those sensitive faculties that create and drive sensual attraction light up in an instant. It is best achieved with the eyes closed and allow the sensations to drive inwards without distraction from visual connectivity.

Lean, eyes, lips – the processes involved in this. The lean is necessary, the lips are the main event, but the closed eyes, is just a touch that’s been there and necessarily done this whole time. Once the lips touch, the eyes automatically close.

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