See Why Most NPP Communicators Fear To Debate Sammy Gyamfi

We are all aware that Political communications is a means used primarily to influence an audience and promote an agenda which may not be the objective but may represent selective facts aimed at encouraging a particular perception.

Every skillful communicator should have certain qualities such as listening ability, Emotional control , ability to communicate non- verbally, ability to compose a speech , should not be manipulator, and should always be able to clarify things to his or her audience.

Former SRC President of the Ghana Law School and Lawyer Sammy Gyamfi has brought dynamism into the political communications of our nation.

Sammy Gyamfi since he assumed office as the Communications Officer has become a great headache for government and the ruling New Patriotic Party.

Many describe him as somebody who is arrogant especially during rebuttals on shows and press conferences.

It is not surprising to note that after his election in 2018, the government of the day had to change it information strategy by placing Hon. Kojo Oppong Nkrumah at the Ministry of information.

In fact Sammy Gyamfi has been consistent in the game and even continues to excel.

As a mater of truth many communicators of the NPP refuse to be paired with him on morning shows held on the airwaves all because of the tenacity and vigour.

This is what has attracted so much threats against him.

A clear example is when Richard Nyamah of the New Patriotic Party threatened to beat Sammy Gyamfi and called him “ignorant and insolent” on TV3’s new day panel discussion.

Richard Nyamah errupted into anger after Sammy Gyamfi rubbished his submissions.

Similarly, the National Youth Organizer of the ruling New Patriotic Party slapped him in the studios of Asempa FM all because of a heated debate he thought Sammy was winning.

We must understand that in Political Communications, one should not be carried away by emotions because that is how Politics is.

It is on this that leading figures in the New Patriotic Party also commended the young man Sammy Gyamfi on his vibrancy , eloquency and deep understanding of happenings in the country.

Sammy Gyamfi over the last two years has shaped the political communications caricature of Ghana.

In some instances he goes to the grounds and provides solid evidence to buttress his claims.

Majority of New Patriotic Party communicators are afraid of getting paired against him on political talk shows because of the fact that they have not mastered the art of communicating.

They tend to be emotional and start putting up fights on TV and radio whilst every good political communicator ought to zero emotions.

By Ebenezer Darko(Moshosho_YoungestMc)

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