See Why Doctors Wear White Coats, Origin And The Hidden Meaning

Do you know that Doctors wear white coats for a reason?

Well if you are not privy to that, be excited because will be schooling you on that today in this article.

The big question still remains, why does a doctor wear a white coat?

The reason is provided below;

The main reason why a doctors choose to wear white coat is for easy recognition by colleagues and patients.

Now this tradition started in the late 1800s, when trained surgeons, followed by physicians not too long thereafter, started wearing white lab coats as a way to distinguish themselves from the fraudulent health care providers.

Presently, the reasons range from a symbol of professionalism, integrity, and the highest commitment to caring for the sick and suffering.

It begins almost immediately after a student graduates from medical and acquires their degree, as approximately 97% of medical schools have a “white coat ceremony,” a rite of passage and transition from being a student to becoming a physician.

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