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See Why Car Tyres Are Always Black. Nobody Will Tell You This Secret

Whenever you take a seat and joggle your mind, you will notice that there are alot of questions your mind has that need answers.

Many people do not just do things for the sake of doing it but there is always a strong reason behind it.

If you see manufacturers introduce something new and unique in their product, it is not just for the purpose of the outlook but you will be surprised to discover the reason behind what they do.

In this article, we are going to look at car tyres.

Have you ever thought of why car tyres are manufactured and the specific colour they are given is black?

Is it just for the outlook?

Infact the reason behind black tyres is very interesting.

All car tyres must be Black but the big question is why must they be Black?

One of the common reasons one may think of is that tyres are black because that will help maintain cleanliness.

Well that could be one of the reasons but it is not the main reason.

I am very sure you have never seen a car tyres that is of another colour apart from black unless it has been painted.

Incase you did not know, when the manufacturers make this wheels, they infact use white rubber and not black rubber. Black is applied in the late stages but during the initial stage, white rubber is used.

So how then do they introduce colour black to the white rubber?

After the rubber has been made, the manufacturers then introduce a chemical which changes the white rubber to black.

A chemical called carbon black is used to and this turns the white rubber to black.

You may ask yourself why do they have to use carbon black and not black paint on the white rubber?

The reason why the have to use carbon black on the rubber is because of the fact that the chemical is such a strong component that makes the tyre strong.

So the reason why tyres are black is not to maintain cleanliness when you pass through muddy waters or areas but rather to make the tyre strong because tyres do the heaviest work.

Incase you did not know, now you know. Hope you have learn something from this article.

Thank you very much

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