See Why 3 Goals Are Called “Hat Trick” In Football



We all know that Football is the most famous sport in the world.

Individuals go from all over the world to see a 90-minute game.

Whenever a footbball player scores a hat trick, the game becomes considerably more exciting.

Please have you ever wondered why three goals is referred to as a “hat trick”?

If no then has the answer for you.


In football, the word “hat trick” was never used before.

In the year 1858, it was first used in cricket.

H. Stephenson, a cricketer, wowed spectators by capturing three wickets in three deliveries.

The cricket fans were so surprised that they decided to put money in a hat to show their appreciation.

They then presented him with the hat and the money, and the term “hat trick” was coined.

As time went on, the word became widespread in other games as well.

In football, a hat trick is when a player scores three goals in a row. As a reward for his efforts, the player is traditionally given the match ball.

In football, a perfect hat trick is very difficult.

A player’s left and right feet, as well as his head, must all be used to score. Only 8 perfect hat tricks have been achieved by Cristiano Ronaldo in his career.

Baseball, handball, and hockey are among the sports that utilize the word.

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