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See What Happens to Your Car when Your Engine Oil gets Dirty

Did you know that a dirty Engine Oil can be even more destructive than no oil at all? Whenever your engine oil loses its viscosity or better still becomes infested with dirt, metal and other debris, it assumes a highly corrosive state, effectively speeding the process by which the parts of the engine wear down.

Habitual skipping of Oil change triggers the thinning of the vehicle’s oil over time, catching a buildup of metal, dirt and other foreign particles.

With time, the oil will become abrasive and wear down on certain vital parts of the engine. It is therefore crucial to follow maintenance schedule that fits both your vehicle needs and your driving style.

Please take note of the fact that this is not about miles if you don’t drive your car a lot because your oil still needs to be kept fresh.

Even if you drive for just some few miles each year than your automaker suggests (changing the oil like 600 miles with suggested oil change intervals at 7,500 miles) you should still need to get that oil changed two times a year.

You must bear in mind that dirty oil is thick and abrasive so every time it cycles through the engine and picks up more dirt and debris along the way it starts to wear down engine parts even while keeping them adequately lubricated.

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